BLANK is incredibly happy to announce the pre-release of our English language book BLANK: Technique and praxis of a craftsman in Japan. At its core the book is meant to elucidate Japanese furniture making techniques, but it contains so so much more. You can read a full summary of the book on out web shop here…/blank-technique-and-… . Here is my favorite quote from the book so far- “For me, monozukuri is the only place where I can confirm my existence on this earth, and also create a tool for someone’s use that expresses my spirit, experiences and efforts. I enjoy meeting and connecting with people on a human level, and seeing a smile on their face is all I need for my own happiness. Knowing that the things that I make will continue to live to tell my story, and pick up the stories of the people who use them well beyond my lifetime is what makes this road the only one I can take.”- Koba Yuichi